Mental Note

Unique and oblique,

as it’s ever arrived,

the favor of fortune

makes of itself a tithe

and while fools of the day

may sneer at their luck,

their daughters and sons

will pass trend over buck.

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In The Beginning

(For entertainment purposes only. I’m allowed to take this seriously. If you do, fuck right off.)

So greetings, I’m the Wunderbred
you may have heard so much about
and if you’ve done your homework,
maybe you think you’d best go without
but hear me; I’ve a mindset that’s
presenting rather Hippocratic
and while I’ve seen my share of caves
these days I live the life Socratic

You ask me if I’ve come to shake
the pillars upon which you rest?
I say it’s time for context, here;
Whose interest are they serving best?
So maybe grab a latte, light a stick
or just scoot up real close
and let me tell you all about
my meeting with a Holy Ghost.

Fallen to despair again,
among the doodles made arcane
and buried behind all our eyes
to surface in a broken brain
I wondered why no lightning struck
to punish seekers kin to fools
If maybe Nietsche had a point
why we were forced to find new tools

I toiled against the emptiness
and failed to call from darkness light
I knew a solitude so deep
it could enfeeble even sight
and taken to the lowest care
I found that I had common cause
ESPECIALLY with the least of us,
and even as we shared our flaws.

It was in this rejected flock
That I first heard the world had changed;
the Intern Terrorist was found,
his trophy corpse finally claimed.
One last nail was placed along
the rim of the Good Father’s box
And faith in anything but gold
became a social paradox.

That’s when I knew that we were wrong
That’s where I took a sharp left turn
If no God claims us by Creation,
I thought, here’s one we can earn
This is where the line gets blurry
This is where translation fails
But let’s just say a Voice spoke up
and offered wind to fill those sails.

Now a few more years have passed,
I’ve let the system plod along
I think I’m on my way to something
Heaven’s promise growing strong
At least, that’s what it seems to me
Of course, my think-meat might be shot
But still, Utopics float my boat
and what I’m bringing bears all thought

So now might be a discrete time
to help you find some salient terms.
With Algorhythmics up above,
Heuristics make for burnout worms.
All things one, Dimension His
Divide by three the giant’s parts
This sets the stage where time begins
Ex ist, of this, the fun part starts.

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Constitution of Arkadia, first draft.

Article 1

Let three things be held invaluable and priceless; Human life, Human health, and Human knowledge.

Therefore shall no actuating numerical or quantitative value be assigned to their social worth, but all efforts to improve their quality shall be bolstered by the full support of every available numerical and quantifiable system and resource under the management of qualified administrators.

Let every citizen be considered the ultimate authority on their personal health and knowledge. Let this right of self determination be granted upon reception of citizenship and only be revoked in cases of extreme danger to self or others presented by conclusively displayable deficiency in resolution management, and let philosophical defenses be admissible in any case lacking charges of violence.



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CT and MRI Scans




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Neuropsych assessment

I think it’s some pretty interesting stuff.

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Three minutes to midnight, I’m lying in bed
My mind rolls on steady like the clouds overhead
No rest for the weary, no respite for the tired
I am counting my wrinkles, and the scars I’ve acquired

Two strokes and the day will be lost in the past
another fresh canvas; again, it won’t last
no matter the damning, the pleading to stay,
the current flows onward; the last fades away

One minute remains til the echo grows still
Time knows no obstacle, yields to no will
From now on my world is forever askew,
For I would rather die, yet go on without you.

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A Fork In The Road

The bloodlines fall through time as comets into atmosphere. They fragment and coalesce, dancing and spinning, uniting to present as a gentle rain as air friction robs them of their spin. Where the droplets strike the stone, they splash into life, rising and racing, straining to find the sky once more. The reeds slow their ascent , all but a few, and find comfort in the shade their brethren throw. These scions of Life, these monarchs in the making grow strong against the raging storms, the sweltering drought. They shed the trappings of youth and steel themselves against winter’s deadly kiss; they survive, they thrive, and with spring throw their seed across the ever changing winds. Soon, they grow prideful. Under bark and bough they hoard their treasure. They grow wealthy. They bear fruit. 


Through the reeds they find their way. Across the waters they writhe, they wind. In the depths they slither. Even into the boughs they creep, eying the skies with slow calculation. Their sibilant hiss ever present, they whisper seductively of deadly opportunity. Their secrets put life to death and bring it back again. They bring judgement. They are wise.


Life and knowledge. The choice will ever be yours.



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New Text Document

A- ladder;  path/tool

B-tension; lure/repulsion

C-subjective; incomplete intel

D-Broken cycle; de-naturalized natural state

E-measure; *

F-immeasurable; ungrounded

G-effort; effect through diligence

H-partnership; components equal

I-mastery; supremacy of flow

J-edit; post-term modification

K-strike; *

L-profit; effective gain

M-mass; *

N-seed; regrowth

O-whole cycle; natural state

P-potential; future gain

Q-marked cycle; basic knowledge

R-result; predictive relation

S-redirect; reversal of flow

T-sacrifice; accepted loss

U-transient; temporary

V-hand; *

W-choice; multiple outcomes

X-crossroads; temporary union

Y-convergence; permanent union

Z-interval/delay; end-to-beginning


Words interpreted in spiral fashion, center outwards, ending with the last letter.

Have fun.

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