Not stood up,

But awfully Stanned

Struck with mirror’s transient form

Watching as my world collides

With their galactic norm


Finding storied

treasures free

Unguarded here by dragon’s breath

Still, once drawn the haft is held

Until the wielder’s death


So does Hand

of Infinite Ways

Rest on my sinister arm

Leaving free my will to live

and give where I will do no harm


But draw that blade

with bare right hand?

One really must be crocked to think

That I could live in this drunk land

And never need a drink.



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Al Kal Y Ne

Alkaline dreams

Acid acceptance

Basic belief

Beyond repentance


Still, offer service

Still, won’t deny

Would take his place

Before gathered throng die


Nails on my chalk board

My blood on the wood

I’d give it for Him

Thank Heavens He’s good


None more thus suffer

We’ll cut them down

We’ve learned the lesson

We who banned crowns.

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PhD (Effed)

Effed in the head

From Bacc-he-lore to bred

The scrim for the teat

Dating dictated dread


Octo-rate doctor date

Sex-sept shun all

Exception rejected

Authorized recall.


Quintinius qualium

Treble dolce



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Five Ills Goad West

Wroth at righteous wrath of wringing wrong

Bunk bank bilks bum bled

Food fetch, woad wretch

No Kings, Yes Queens


Jack a doodle do.

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Event Horizon

De(v)il De-vice

Weevil weaved ice

Water and power

And all things nice


Strike at the mother

Spare her the pain

Bowl proven, soul student

Warrior remains


Take on the wolf pack

Dog them to death

Pull home the wagon

Expend every breath


Pelt her with presents

shower her with praise

Arete her conceit

Bask in her rays


Keep her hands youthful

Gleefully spared

The ravage of time

By the mane that you wear


Yours is the agony

Thus, yours, the axe

Mark rainbow with reign

Bridge the exitor gap

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Ointments and Ale

Heal thyself, physician

Meditate on ailment here described

Addiction to the table lamp

A spinning when you try to lie


In som ni a? Quite fitting.

In sleep you think you would deny

They say in vino veritas

The waking mind, though, does imply


A thyme for every season, and

an herb for every age

A weed we’ll seed forever with

a gloried, lauded sage.


Well, that’s not me. I’m just some kid

Some jerk with quite a rocky five

who’s slapping you with cold hard truth

until the baby stays alive.

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Other-Wise Absurd

What’s granted for take?

What’s Chosen for give?

What’s Islam for share?

What’s Christian for live?


What’s language I speak?

What’s word I implore?

What’s world I can’t give?

What’s meaning for more?


Left to right

And right to leave

I vote with feat

You vote with sleeve.

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Spicy Meatball

Time on yon beleaguered star

Cryptic rest of eyes rimed red

Chozen feud a rowdy rude

Soon I send myself to bed


Kyle Kent woke up a Lawson

Took a world of sheep by storm

Rammed as he was into place

I’m surprised he did no harm


Rise he did, in his own Hell

a place where sunlight’s nourishment

Did not fill up his long-dug well

Thus his rage was Heaven-spent


The House of L, his legacy

would shape the face of galaxies

Epoch sees fit to let him suffer

Home a place he never sees.

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Two Hundred Years

When I wake up

Well I know I’m gonna be

I’m gonna be the man they send up to face you

And when I blow out

Well I know I’m gonna be

I’m gonna be too tired to stand up against you

And when I get drunk

Well I know I’m gonna be

I’m gonna be solution swallowed next to you

And when I’m ailing

Well I know I’m gonna be

I’m gonna be gar-licked and thrown along with you


Well I have fought one hundred years

and I would fight one hundred more

Just to keep that Belgian vampire bastard

Staked to his accursed floor


But a bot bow

(but a bot bow)

but a bot bow

(but a bot)

bad a da bad a da bad a ba da da da da

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Gooey Freeman

I am not a Prophet;

I benefit from Prophecy

I see no far flung future

Put past seems clearly predict me


So Pawn of Prophecy, perhaps

Like Garion before the Bel

No Rivan King, no foe of Gods

Just one eyed man in blinded Hell


I will not vie for rulership

The work involved seems tiresome

So much pride attached to names

I’ll surely forget or flub some


Instead I will establish rule

And let the chips fall where they may

This flag is planted publicly

Please argue it and have your say


My vote’s already cast, and stands

This is English Agent Voice

Or maybe it’s the patient

Not as if I had much choice


Now I do, of course. I’m free as any person here.

Bricked in, perhaps, but you can see, my telltale heart beats through

They offer me a chance to hitch this cart unto their wagon

I do not think they have IT figured out. Do you?

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