Dear Europe,

The reason the continent across the pond appears in your view to lack culture is a narrow view of what culture entails. Your movements have been easily followed, like a herd’s.

Consider us more akin a hive, with each drone its own queen. Can’t have a land of milk and honey without both herds and hives.


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Third David down from Absalom Purchase (a Stranger on the Rock) across seven generations. Distaff line Love through mother, Christine. Get it? It took me a while before I did.
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9 Responses to Dear Europe,

  1. Johnny says:

    I love American-culture. The brimming 20s, the 40s and 70s, the music, the spectacle and cinematography. Your country has much to be proud of, culture-wise, especially being one of the most recent nations in the world.
    I don’t know the Europe you speak of, but here in Portugal, we think highly of the U.S.
    Maybe it’s your unilateral view that seems… unidimensional. Europe is not a united mesh, but rather, a multitude of different people can cultures, with different opinions and positions; you know, much like the United States.
    Dear David, the U.S is not the centre of the world.

    • *laughs in Canadian*

      Love you bud.

      • Johnny says:

        HAHAHA, what abut that.
        Dude, no one has single bad opinion about Canada, what lead you to believe that?
        Truly, this is something I commonly see on Americans, but never Canadians.

      • Oh, I’m not saying anything about moral judgements, but I will point out that if you think us incapable of duplicity you need to look much, much closer.

        Just a matter of ethical classification. Y’all exhibit your chaos through adherence, we enable our order through rebellion, when looked at through the lens of history.

      • Johnny says:

        I love, love love the seeping pretentiousness in your comment. The “I understand you better than you understand yourselves, you unity of thought and progression.”
        David, give me a blow at my country that I’m able to defend, don’t attack a continent, that’s simply absurd. Your continent has no unity, mine doesn’t either. Don’t act like there is any semblance of absolutes here, which I’ve noticed to be something you adore.
        Great claims take greater baggage, and you know very little of what you speak of. Which is why I speak very little abut Canada, because I know very little abut it.

      • Erm… my two half siblings are in portugal right now, where their mother Madeleine Colaco comes from.

        I’m not attacking anyone, or relying on pretense of anything but communication cant. If these two things can’t be possible at once in your mind, please reexamine the evidence presented.

      • Johnny says:

        Duderoni, it’s not about your faint attempt at devaluing my intellect, it’s about you being objectively wrong on which vision people have of your country. No one in Europe is too concerned about what culture Canada has been producing;
        I could devolve this conversation into some lame back-and-forth about the “original” producers of culture and the American views of Europe, but there is nothing we can gain from that. It’s an overspent, haggard topic that has led no one anywhere, and I’m surprised to see the likes of you sump into such purely aesthetic mires, thats all.

      • Ok! If you’re invested in being insulted, congratulations on winning it. The rest isn’t worth reading.

      • Johnny says:

        And I bet you still did it anyway, tcha-tching bro.

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