The Revolution

Record everything you ever do in every spectrum you can. Turn the results over to a company you retain a minimum of two thirds majority share in at all times.Incorporate as a personal data company (might want to tack on holding, if you’re ambitious) and consolidate all data pertinent to the pdc’s charge(you) into one continuous data resource. Sign over rights to image and likeness rights, make them stewards of every data angle there is (medical, financial, you name it). Their mission statement is to create profit from the data and content they can pull off your Lifestream within limits set to protect the integrity of whatever image you wish to maintain (this can progress into them acting as your agent in whatever field you choose and brokering your time).

At this point every need you have is a tax deductible business expense, as you are the primary asset of the company. Your wants follow suit if you create content through their fulfillment, from unboxings to porn. Your likeness, image and data form a unique corporate resource, and any untoward meddling with them will threaten to bring down corporate espionage charges. You are now virtually impervious to false accusations, your original ideas and creations are much more difficult for others to claim as their own, and any activity you engage in can garner additional profit through simultaneous content creation, even activities already geared around profit. All through this the value of the consolidated Lifestream data grows.

When enough people each have one of these, you can amalgamate into a megacorp. What’s not to like about being a megacorp? Human Resource lobby groups to achieve our collective political will in the short term, returning power to the people by making each the focus of a corporation and then overpowering the interests that distract government from the will of its populace.

Simultaneously you found a Lifestreamer’s Guild, knitting the charges themselves more tightly to each other and allowing them to begin developing civil technologies based on a Lifestreaming populace and helping each other maximize the output of their pdcs. While there will be competition on the content creation side, an interesting aspect of this idea is that pdcs with different charges existing increase the potential value of each others’ data by adding context, and thus this market could remain cooperative instead of competitive for the producers.

This system might be what we need to prepare for rapid automation, as it fills a perceived need for default income through data brokering, with profits possible to magnify considerably through content. It’s also a Singularity accelerator as information that was going to waste can be collected, cross indexed and parsed at leisure, allowing data treatments that weren’t yet conceived at the time of a given event to be brought to bear on that event regardless.


About davidiclineage

Third David down from Absalom Purchase (a Stranger on the Rock) across seven generations. Distaff line Love through mother, Christine. Get it? It took me a while before I did.
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