“The FUCK are you waiting for?!?!”

Seems to me quite a few people would respond to my situation with an exclamation along these lines if they could get the balls up to say it. I’ll take this opportunity to answer what I feel is a charge leveled at me on all fronts.

You see, it’s a matter of motivation. I’m 34 years old, and a brain damaged virgin who doesn’t even come close to filling out the bottom level of Maslow’s pyramid. My executive function is shot, so while I respond well enough to stimuli, actuating *anything* on an initiative level just isn’t a factor. Can’t do it. Missing the hardware.

Yes, engineering Heaven is mostly a responsive job. Yes, I absolutely could do that job with the think-meat I’m left with. Hell, I’d arguably be better for the job now than ever before. It’s pretty much just sussing out what we’ve been saying for some six thousand odd years and establishing the vertices upon which it can all rest. I feel like a monkey could do my job, which is good, because *I’m* expected to.

Now… let’s say I get started tomorrow, and a week before my 97th birthday I cut the ribbon to Heaven 2.0. I’ve solved mortality, we’ve solved scarcity, it’s just generally a good thing to be people at this point.

Are you gonna *let* me change at that point?

I’m pretty much the museum piece of museum pieces. I’m the Golem of Prague. You suddenly gonna let me become a real boy? My fucking ass you will. You’ll keep your beloved eunuch in exactly the state he was useful to you in. I won’t even belong to myself as much as I do now. It’ll be Hell.

Plus, I’ll have just solved mortality, so you’ll make me suffer this forever.

Does my reticence make a bit of sense now? lmao.


About davidiclineage

Third David down from Absalom Purchase (a Stranger on the Rock) across seven generations. Distaff line Love through mother, Christine. Get it? It took me a while before I did.
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