Lines Of Reasoning

For those few versant in the conjecture, I will delineate the conceptual pedigree that jumps out at me. Perhaps then my apparent monomania will make more sense.

I am named for my paternal grandfather, who was named for his not too distant ancestor David Purchase, son of Absalom Purchase, a stranger on the Rock.

I was largely raised by a single parent with a self-centered adversarial approach. That parent was my mother, Christine Love.

The first post in this blog delineates a third dimension for a circular system of 26 symbols. English interpretations of Revelations mention a remarkably similar phenomenon, especially if one allows for mistranslation. I was not consciously aware of Revelations’ specifics when I formed this system in an apparent shared psychosis with a friend I was employing as a psychological mirror. That friend’s name is David Daniel Thomas.

An accident at age 18 damaged my left frontal lobe (somewhat detaching, but not deflating, ego processes) and right temporal lobe (gradual transformation from full fledged atheist to personally conversant with Divine entity).

I have a forehead stitch scar, a left wrist scar and a right leg scar in annoyingly coincidental places.

I have had far and away more close brushes with mortality than anyone I know. I could be a Final Destination protagonist by any measure.

From here my points degenerate into the speculation of science fiction writers, so I’ll relent for the time being. I think I’ve made my point.



About davidiclineage

Third David down from Absalom Purchase (a Stranger on the Rock) across seven generations. Distaff line Love through mother, Christine. Get it? It took me a while before I did.
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