New Text Document

A- ladder;  path/tool

B-tension; lure/repulsion

C-subjective; incomplete intel

D-Broken cycle; de-naturalized natural state

E-measure; *

F-immeasurable; ungrounded

G-effort; effect through diligence

H-partnership; components equal

I-mastery; supremacy of flow

J-edit; post-term modification

K-strike; *

L-profit; effective gain

M-mass; *

N-seed; regrowth

O-whole cycle; natural state

P-potential; future gain

Q-marked cycle; basic knowledge

R-result; predictive relation

S-redirect; reversal of flow

T-sacrifice; accepted loss

U-transient; temporary

V-hand; *

W-choice; multiple outcomes

X-crossroads; temporary union

Y-convergence; permanent union

Z-interval/delay; end-to-beginning


Words interpreted in spiral fashion, center outwards, ending with the last letter.

Have fun.


About davidiclineage

Third David down from Absalom Purchase (a Stranger on the Rock) across seven generations. Distaff line Love through mother, Christine. Get it? It took me a while before I did.
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2 Responses to New Text Document

  1. Wonder if a song can be used as a legal licencing document. Love would be self referential so it would never hold up, but would it ever get challenged?

  2. Husain says:

    MAD + GENIU$ = MORE (please 🙂

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