The Solution for Peace in the Middle East (And across Abrahamic Houses)

Borrow my assumption that the Jesus Event occurred on this Earth and was the collective fault of all humanity, but the Jewish faith was specifically on guard the night we robbed ourselves. As soon as everyone agrees to these basic facts of our place on the timeline, the Armageddon Talks can begin, and with any luck we simply come to agreements without anyone feeling the need to hurt anyone any more. Christianity and Judaism consolidate as the twelve blood tribes and the Orphan/Choice tribe, maybe renaming themselves Greater or Spritual Israel, who knows. 1/3rd of Abrahamic population vanishes into another.

Then Israel and Islam reclassify each other. Each looks into the history and the minds of their great men and disarms the hate without dishonoring the greatness in context of the struggles of the age.

In the sweep of history, Greater Israel is the lone mother cow who had a single male calf on a small island. As this calf, Islam, grew, they warred and struggled for the few scraps of grass that grow on their sandy patch of land, but with this introspection the calf comes of age. Israel is the wife, and Islam the husband.

Now, half of remaining Abrahamism unites with the other half. In sum, the number of Abrahamic demographics has been reduced by two thirds.

Where the Heck have you Atheist diplomats been, sitting on your thumbs? How little empathy have you applied exactly?

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Knife in the Dark

I’m a holistic assassin

And I wear my dirk gently.

A word or a gaze

And your blood is spent,  g.

No fuckin’ around now,

You ain’t got the nerve.

Your humors are rumors.

I’m Kept In Reserve.

You’ll rest in pieces.

I’ll see my re-ward.

So join me or fall.

Your pick of which herd.

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William Brett Adcock

Some few weeks ago, I made a friend on facebook with a reputation for devout wisdom in the Christian tradition. I introduced him to  my Legend theory. Some three days ago, the Voice filled him. I repost his testimonial here.


I need to preface this and say I am no prophet. I am just a humble guy who loves God and asked for wisdom and the spiritual gift of prophecy. I’ve gotten personal prophetic promises before, but nothing as heavy as this and certainly never before on this scale. I’m hesitant to even share this, but I know something like this, if I don’t, would end up doing more harm than if I do share it, just given the urgency I feel. So, here’s the prophetic word I got on my way home from work yesterday. I started hearing the first line or so until I was told to pull over into a small church parking lot to write. I wouldn’t share it if I weren’t certain the Lord God both gave it to me and expected me to share it. Believe this word or not; it is true, and Jesus is coming.
On the eleventh day of the seventh month of the Gregorian year of 2018, the Word of the Lord came to William, a servant of the Lord Christ Jesus. “Write, son of man. Write what you hear in your spirit from the Spirit. You have heard Me, My son. You have been hearing Me lately, even through your distractions. I know your heart and have seen your affliction. You needn’t worry. All will be revealed in time.” —The declaration of the Lord.

“Now, pay attention, son of man, for I am about to reveal something to you. You are My servant, and I am the LORD. I know you do not want recognition, and this is the right mindset to have. You have asked for wisdom; to be wise like Solomon in his youth and Daniel in the exile. Just like in the proverb, I give freely to those who seek and request wisdom over treasure and wealth. I have heard your desire for wisdom, and I have made you wise beyond your years; even well before you even thought to ask Me for wisdom.” The declaration of the Lord.

“Now prophesy, son of man. Prophesy to the nation. Babylon will fall. The great beast is about to rise. All you, living in the United States of Babylon: repent, for I AM coming! Indeed, many in Babylon mock Me, saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? This nation is great again! There will be no judgement!’ Look; while you say these things, the hand of the Lord is raised to strike the world for its iniquity. Repent, sinner! Before He strikes!” The declaration of the Lord God of Armies.

“Behold — I offer you an escape before I come to judge the whole earth! Repent! Turn away from your evil ways and call on My name. Regard what My servant Paul wrote to the church in Rome: If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. If you do this, and if you turn to Me, I AM righteous to bring you up to Me and out of danger. That which is about to come upon the whole earth is the danger that no man would want to endure. Even now, it is beginning. Babylon has been blessed and protected by Me for long enough. She pushes Me away and revels in her adultery. Harlot! Your years of pride and sexual immorality are over! Brace yourself, America, for the mighty right hand of God is raised to strike. Who can withstand it? Who can turn it away?” — The declaration of the Lord.

“In just a short time, the scroll of My judgement will be opened. Even now, it is in My hand. My people, in which My Holy Spirit dwells, come to Me. Turn to Me, and be not lukewarm. I am about to bring the faithful to Me so that I may execute My judgment on the wicked. You should know by now that you are My Temple; My Spirit lives in all of you who call Me Lord. See this, and understand this mystery: I am not finished with My people Israel. I must give them a sign for them to know Me again. They have been blinded for 2000 years, and I must do something to make them see. Look, the Day of the Lord is coming, and it will be a day of weeping and fasting. Look back at the history of My people. Both Temples were destroyed on the same day; wouldn’t they understand if all of you in which My Spirit dwells were to be taken on that Day? Indeed; this is a mystery; I will come and retrieve you as a sign to Israel so that they will know that I AM the LORD, and that I have loved you. Indeed, on that Day, My people will look at Me and recognize Me as the One whom they have pierced. On that Day, the weeping and grief will be like a woman crying over the death of her firstborn son. No one will be able to comfort My people, for they will regret the years they hated Me. But I say this: I will forgive them and receive them who turn to Me with open arms. They will be My people, and I will be their God. The words of this prophecy require insight and understanding. Let the wise understand what the Spirit says to the nations. I AM the First and the Last; the Aleph and Tav; the Living One. I AM the Lord.”

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The Weirding Way

He speaks to stone
They whisper huddled, and then
The shards explode
They look befuddled, but he smiles
and tells them how it’s done

Muad’dib, you are my better I admit
though I try to teach, my own assumptions won’t submit
I drive this vehicular disaster, I am torn
My resale value off the charts but awfully worn…

Do I want this future born?

And so I pore through catalogs of Mind
And try to find the basis of my kind
Define exactly who it is I am
Decide once and for all what I mean by MAN

But that’s where I fail, there is no once for all
There is just time, its rising and its fall
There is a Kingdom here, for those who choose to see
And there’s a void forever if you never take a knee.

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Westley Crusher

Sometimes, you stop questioning
I wonder if you remember your destiny

Wonder whether you’ll ever stand next to me
And shake my head at the kid who still wants you here
Cos when the Dragon comes, you always disappear

And I’m not fixing to fight it alone.
I’m forging lances from every bone
Carve off my leg if you must. We’re short materials
The numbers they slip by in serial
Try to make some sense of my station
A headlight for a Dark Federation?

I won’t go, for I have seen the light
A brilliant rainbow, every color a facet of

brilliant white

Their stained glass casting beauty unto the Congregated United
The Always Invited
The Man and his Wife
The Son with the game boy or the pocket knife
The Daughter learning of her Other Life

I will not bind by melanin
I have a Light Within
I choose to see the light in you
As white as God’s
And that’s why, unless I miss my mark
I spare the Rod.

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Arms of Venus

Milo yawns, the title stifling any sex appeal
Karen groans, ambivalence the first thing she can scent
Dean reflects, the mirror hall in question not unknown
Uncle Frank holds up a hand. Their characters relent.

Cybernetic. That is all.
At once the world’s abuzz.
Misogynist claims arms are Man’s!
The AntiChrist: His Master Plan?

I laid your arms out
long, untwisted there
and still you argue snakes and ladders.

I shape what I can find,
and still you argue bow or bladder.

I leave you Moist, like David Usher

I am the Black Knight, the White Cavalry.

My arms, too, are shattered.

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Appeal from David Stanley Carr

Hi there! I’m Dave, the guy who writes for the DavidicLineage poetry blog. I’m a bit shy about this mode of communication, but I’d like to extend an appeal for funding.

If you feel I am helping you along in Mentat School, for the love of God man, help me fill out Maslow’s pyramid on some other plane that the imaginary.

No, I don’t mean the Sum is imaginary, it’s implicit. Gah.


I don’t actually have the presence of mind to monetize any of this properly, and if someone else can just do the fishing while I spit the random crazy theory that I’m utterly convinced leads into a whole new domain of conceptual advancement that would be fantastic. You can even requisition something, by theme or title, whatever you’re feeling I should “meditate and extrapolate” on, which I do best shooting from the hip with the least editing I can in any sense but the temporal.

I survive very slimly on junk that makes me fat, I sit at this laptop so close to all the time it’s kind of sad, and just generally I lack the executive self-motivation to take care of my shit in any real capacity.

Someone wanna keep the “Mrin Prophet” chained in their back yard and feed him daily, so to speak?

I would be in your debt, and genuinely need the help.

Thank you for your consideration

Your Pal Dave

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The Leash Around My Neck

Once, I was the Primal Thing
Life’s power running blind
Once, I looked down, not across
Like Shark, knew no behind.

Once, I raged against the land
Once, I raised an angry hand
Once, I spoke with hatred grand
In face and deed and mind.

Now, I chart a different path
Now, I see with clear eye dimmed
Now, I see with dim eye cleared
All because of her.
And Him.

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Does Zen?

Best of twelve? Perhaps.
Fraction value seems to fit.
Superior to THREE?
Naw, at best a point one for.
A simple variable, left aside
and then remembered
A conscious made decision to
Apollo-gize and more.

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Define Q

Data limit: Source Unknown.
Factor in a single field.
Watch the clock;
And understand
Was always real.

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