O Spider Queen, fair Spider Queen
Thy webs are long and lovely
O Spider Queen, my Spider Queen
I hold thou high above me

In darkest night, in cruelest cold
I’d wait forever to behold

O Spider Queen, my Spider Queen
For you my heart beats on

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Her heartless flirtations
Brought on new sensations
A fresh desperation
To return to plantation
and face litigation
for birth in low station
or to lead a migration
Of self defenestration
To achieve mitigation
re expatriation
Into hated nation.

Into Hell
Single cell
yet I yell
For the belle

like bone, I’m cracked
like wrapper, discarded
I wish this life
Had never started

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Purpose vs Meaning

It would seem the left/right divide in America comes down to one essential difference in philosophy. The left insist on finding meaning, where the right concentrate on finding purpose.

It is entirely feasible that all disagreements in regards to approach stem from this one root difference.

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Bad Barrel

I’ve decided I do not like people
With their simpering, whimpering ways
How they fill their nights with quarrels
How conflict lights their days

I’ve decided my species is evil
Every throat cut with one bottom line
Every dignified soul sold for pennies
Every mouth screams in unison, “MINE!”

I’ve decided that Earthlings can suck it
Such service is their only use
Just a shipment of 8 billion monkeys
Every lip on the whole ship loose

I’ve decided that humans can die now
Their existence serves God not one whit
They flatter themselves that they’re assholes
When they’re really just pieces of shit.

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The Cult of Normalcy

The greatest men and women of history have, on a general basis, shared the perception that excellence was a duty. Where accomplishment is found, it can always be traced back to aberrance. In fact the very concept of innovation requires that norms be rendered obsolete.

How, then, have we become so bovinely complacent? How has normalcy become some pinnacle of behavior, some mark to be striven for? How has kind sincerity been mistaken for simpering weakness? How has enthusiasm been painted as desperation?

In a word, incompetence.

Lackeys and followers have reached critical mass. Ignorance reinforced with stupidity has become the modus operandi of the proletariat.

Union dues, union culture.

“Think of how stupid the average person is. Now consider that half of them are even dumber than that.” -George Carlin

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Women to me: “Your love isn’t egocentric enough”.

Me to women: “You keep using that word… I no think it means what you think it means”.

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Eternally Beloved

I'll never shake from my mind's eye
The beauty in her changeling gaze
The innocence in every lie
Her consternation at the maze

I'll never quite recover from
The way her smile would warm my day
That stunning, incandescent smirk
That drove the deepest gloom away

I don't think I can understand
Her rage at notice served too soon
Her loyalty unto a brand
Her stark rejection of the loon

I know I will forever wonder
If I ever measured up
If the madness pulled me under
Or if I sipped an empty cup

And ever I will love this one
This faerie interloper dear
At her word I would fall undone
And at her summons I draw near

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How We Win

My business idea is a Personal Data company. The concept is to create a “whole buffalo” out of all the data an individual creates via full immersion in a recorded atmosphere. The value of this resource would increase with complexity and duration, potentially across a lifetime. Profits would be generated primarily by carving out data sets that fit whatever criteria a client organization might desire. The data set’s integrity is verifiable by comparison to the unedited data input from that period at the client’s convenience.

Secondary profits could be created as a consequence of having so much media-worthy data at one’s disposal, with each activity filling a niche in media culture. A good cook might be empowered to create cooking shows at mealtimes whenever the mood might strike them, for example. Sports enthusiasts could create highlight reels (as well as blooper). Conversations could become podcasts if all participants agreed to the idea in hindsight.

Tertiary profits become possible when one considers a second layer of entrepreneurial intent. Whatever other education- or profit-geared activities one might engage in would create footage as a natural consequence, much of it useful in creating digital education tools for the respective field. Artisanal endeavors could charge more for an optional recording of the creation process.

The possibilities are nigh limitless, except for the expense involved.

While the current path of development seems to indicate such data will be owned by large companies, making each person the primary beneficiary of their own data has benefits that reverberate across every level of the economy. Universal basic income schemes become superfluous if a populace is making Big Data money on an individual basis. Further, more people operating such corporations multiplies their value over time due to the contemporary context provided. Think triangulation of history.

An organization which offered Lifestream (my name for the concept) franchises and allowed a union of franchisees to form would have a monopoly on a new type of value. If a Guild existed alongside those two organizations, we might be well on our way to uniting the world via pan-human hydraulic anti-despotism.

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A Slogan For Slavery

It’s just a force of habit.

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If Vibration is Movement…

…then revolutions and rotations are multiplicative.

Which would mean that thing where you feel time slow down at high elevations?

That’s a minor relativistic effect.

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